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Two idiots (Simon Jakowicz and Glenn Goodhall) spending 90 days traveling around the United States, departing on the 12th September 2013. Follow our adventures as we journey from the concrete jungle - New York to the city of angels - Los Angeles.

Watch out for the bears!

By: Glenn Goodhall on 15th Nov 2013

After our long drive from Seattle we arrived in Bozeman, not too far from Yellowstone. We decided to ask the Motel staff where the nearest tourist information centre was, she was really friendly and told us about he Bear and wolf discovery centre. She also gave us some bear deterrent pepper spray which we hoped we wouldn't have to use.

Armed with our Bear spray we headed to the Bear and Wolf Discovery Centre. The centre was pretty much like a zoo really with the bears play fighting with each other. We were allowed pretty close to the bears which was good which allowed us to get some good photos.

Next up was Yellowstone it's self, we wasn't sure how much of it would be open at this time of year but we wanted to take a look anyway. We wanted to do a bus tour around the park but unfortunately it was a Sunday and they were closed. So we decided to drive to the entrance but unfortunately that was closed too, which was a shame. We didn't let that beat us and decided to have walk a bit inside the park. We only walked a few miles into the park to take some pictures and didn't see an awful lot, we definitely need to come back at a different time of the year to explore more.

We struggled to find a motel or lodge that was open we were literally out in the sticks. We finally found one that was open and we met a lovely bloke called Woody no buzz though.

We visited a town called Big Sky where all of the activities we wanted to do like Dog sleighing, skiing, water rafting and snow mobiles. Unfortunately quite a lot of these activities were closed and didn't open for another month, but there is always next time. We decided to hike up a few of the snow covered hills which was fun and found some frozen lakes.

I done most of the driving while we were in Yellowstone and I have to say driving through the mountains and some of the scenery was truly amazing. Driving down ice covered hills was fun although it was definitely one place where we didn't want to break down.

Next up is Las Vegas!!!


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Auntie Terri - 16th Nov 2013 15:32:38
Great pics Glenn x

Auntie Terri - 16th Nov 2013 15:32:38
Great pics Glenn x

Auntie Terri - 16th Nov 2013 15:32:38
Great pics Glenn x

Glenn - 16th Nov 2013 09:55:43
Pretty cool place, would definitely go back in the winter. My excuse is that i was having a sort out rearranging my bag lol. There are a lot of different buildings since last time, the MGM hasn't got its lion habitat now. Before I left What was it that you said about jumping of the stratosphere?

Dad - 16th Nov 2013 02:01:03
Just looked at photos from Yellowstone,amazing!. Saw the one that looked like your bedroom, nothing changes! I know you'll enjoy Vegas bet you think it's changed a little with new hotels. Have a great time Dad