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Two idiots (Simon Jakowicz and Glenn Goodhall) spending 90 days traveling around the United States, departing on the 12th September 2013. Follow our adventures as we journey from the concrete jungle - New York to the city of angels - Los Angeles.

The emerald city

By: Glenn Goodhall on 10th Nov 2013

Its been a while since my last blog, my apologies.

After our relaxing week in Miami looking at all the bikini babes we were ready to head off to Seattle. We booked a flight which stopped off at Charlotte then got back on the same plane to Seattle.

Simon and I didn't have seats together on the plane, which was a bit annoying as we booked them together. I sat next to a guy who used to work for Boeing which was pretty cool as we had planned to visit the Boeing factory. I started to play a Logo quiz game on my iPad, which Simon and Lorrae had put on there before we flew out. after playing the game for no more than five minutes the lady next to me asked about the game and started playing too. The Boeing man 'Mr Boeing' started to guess some logos as well, it became a group effort and at one point there was four of us all playing the Logo Quiz game. We must have played the game for about two hours of the plane journey, Americans are so friendly.

We decided to rent a car as it was just easier to get about with and the flights from Seattle to Yellowstone were quite expensive. we decided to head downtown, and first on our tour was the Pine Pike Market where we saw the famous fish throwing.

After the tour of Pine Pike Market we decided to go on the underground tour. The great fire of 1889 wiped out large parts of the city including the downtown area. When re-building the city they decided to build over the top of the old city remains and some of the underground city is still there. i really enjoyed this tour and didn't quite know what to expect. A lot of the inside of the old buildings did look like an old basement but it was an interesting tour, and it's always good to find out a bit of history.

We couldn't visit Seattle without seeing the iconic space needle, and it didn't disappoint. The space needle was built in 1962 and even today looks like it's from the future. This is one of the best buildings I have seen since I have been here and even today it looks way ahead of it's time.

Next up was the EMP museum, a museum packed full of music and sci-fi exhibits. I really enjoyed the museum especially the recording studios where you could play the guitar, bass guitar, keyboard and the drums.

The next day we went to the Boeing factory, where they build all of the new Boeing plans. Apparently the factory is the biggest building in the world based on volume, you could fit quite a few Tesco's in there. The production line is a lot like a car production line as you looked across the building you could clearly see what stage of production the plane was at.

On the tour we saw the new dreamliners being built but, magically they never mentioned any of the problems that their having like the body panels falling off. I was impressed by the moving production line which moves two inches a minute to maximise production time.

Unfortunately we wasn't allowed to take photo's of the inside of the factory which was a bit of a shame.


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Auntie Terri - 15th Nov 2013 14:15:43
Can wait to hear all your story's of you trip. Love reading the bloggs and looking the pics x