Two Idiots Abroad
Two idiots (Simon Jakowicz and Glenn Goodhall) spending 90 days traveling around the United States, departing on the 12th September 2013. Follow our adventures as we journey from the concrete jungle - New York to the city of angels - Los Angeles.

The Big Apple

By: Simon Jakowicz on 14th Sep 2013

Apologies for taking so long to get our first blog post out. Since arriving it has truly been hectic, but extremely fun and full filling at the same time. First it took 2 1/2 hours to get through immigration due to "technical problems", I think someone forgot their MySpace password or something. Once we got out the airport, we made our way to the Morningside Inn on west 107th st where we are staying until Sunday. We thought this was a hotel but actually turned out to be a hostel, it felt a bit insecure, what with the wobley door handle to our room and the drunken hobos. But we are bit more settled now and happy to call this place home.

Day 1 we managed to have a walk around many many many streets which were filled with nothing but hotels. It seriously helped us get our bearings straight and now I feel pretty comfortable getting around without a map. We than found a nice italian restaurant to grab some pizza :), had a brief walk around central park and got ourselves some wifi, to bring ourselves back to the 21st century. Later that day we also ran into a classic american thunderstorm (at least as I know of), heavy rain and bolts of awesome looking lightning surging through the sky. We hid in Starbucks for the best part but it was a great sight.

Day 2 we managed to start ticking of a bunch of our must see landmarks and some of our "hell yeah, why not" landmarks. Starting the day with a tad of food shopping down Broadway, so we don't spend all our dosh in two weeks. We then got our weekly $30 subway metro card (which was beyond much needed) and headed on down to west 42nd st - Times Square. We stayed around this area for most of the day, so we got to see its absolute beaut during the day and night. When we first arrived we went into the Hard Rock Cafe, ordered some scrummy burgers and had a look around there impressive musical items collection. There were guitars, gig setlists, clothing etc, from some of my favourite bands, including 3 Doors Down, Linkin Park, Disturbed, Offspring and Green Day. Going back onto the streets we found some cools shops like M&M world, Hersheys world, Lego world, Disney even McDonalds looked pretty decent from the outside. We also had a look around grand central terminal which was a nice sight, just not as cool as the other stuff :P

The main highlight of the day was almost definitely going to the top of the rock. We got our tickets quite early in the day originally, but security wouldn't let me through for having a swiss army knife in my bag, schoolboy error, doh!! So we rebooked it for 9pm. It was extremely windy even with the glass anti-suicide barrier, but the sights we absolutely stunning, we could see the whole city, lets just hope the pictures do it some justice. Today I have a helicopter ride over the city, which my girlfriend got me and we are just going to carry on seeing the sight. Stay tuned.


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Simon Jakowicz - 16th Sep 2013 16:51:05
Hi all, we have arrived in Atlantic city, my next blog will be later tonight, thanks for the comments. New York is an amazing place. My back is totally dead now but had a quality time. @jem thanks for treating me to the helly ride it was wicked fun. I got loads of pics and a video @Mum Thanks for the link but the hostel.wasnt to bad. You defo would have hated it but I see it as just part of the experience. @Big Bear we will put some pics of us up there for sure, glad you like the blig, the next is a long one, I already drafted it. Hopefully you'll find it funny @Christopher Cheers matey, barely getting any sleep. Fitting the whole of NYC in, in 4 day is a mission. Can see how you spent so much in Hersheys world, the smell in there is bloody powerful. Soon as I get some decent wifi Skype can be on the card. @James You would love it here there is so much to do. The Pizza place we went to yesterday was awesome. Huge slice and the toppings were quality. Right all, I'm gonna go play some poker and blackjack and win myself some bucks hopefully. Have fun at work tomorrow!!! x

James - 16th Sep 2013 04:28:39
Hey Si, interesting to read what you two have been up to and theres some great pics in there too, New York looks like a really interesting place to visit full of things to see and do, Ill check back here every so often to read about your latest adventures lol, so keep us updated!

Christopher - 15th Sep 2013 13:31:03
Hey dude. Glad you got there safely and what reads like you're having an amazing time already! So jealous of you. Gonna be looking at this religiously to keep updated. Skype sesh at some points along the way please. Miss you bro Love you xxx

Big bear - 15th Sep 2013 11:14:19
Hi you two idiots, pictures are great, blogs are interesting and fun to read. On your next blog try and get pictures of you two idiots included,. it will make it better to see the fun you are having. Looking forward to the next post.

Mel - 14th Sep 2013 13:10:44
Hi Simon, Sorry your hotel (motel) meet your expectations. Looks like your having a great time all the same. Pictures are pretty awesome. Did send you a link through Skype to some decent hotels so you can book in advance and have nicer places to stay. Keep us posted on the helicopter flight. I'm sure it is an experience you will always remember. Keep us posted on your next destination and how much you enjoyed your flight. Missing you. Lots of love.xxxx

Jem - 14th Sep 2013 07:06:34
Looks like your having a wicked time so far :) good pic up the top of the rock :) Glad your having a good time :) Times square is amaze... Shame about the hotel... Enjoy the helicopter bubs. Love you xxxx