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Two idiots (Simon Jakowicz and Glenn Goodhall) spending 90 days traveling around the United States, departing on the 12th September 2013. Follow our adventures as we journey from the concrete jungle - New York to the city of angels - Los Angeles.

Sunshine State

By: Simon Jakowicz on 03rd Nov 2013

The sunshine state or more specifically Miami beach has been our home for the last week. It has been a great week to relax and actually have a holiday from all of the hustle and bustle of the travelling life. The hotel was only a minute walk from the beach, where each day the temperature ranged between 29°C and 31°C. Needless to say I have got an awesome tan. Palm trees grow absolutely everywhere and apparently the temperature has never hit 0°C there. Around Miami there are also tonnes of shops, so on quite a few occasions, we went out shopping. Although Glenn was reluctant to spend much. Feeling a bit posh I got some clothes in Armani and some wicked cool designer jean. I bought quite a few tshirts too, the 100+ I own already, clearly wasn't enough. I also had to upgrade my hiking bag to a suitcase, as it was literally impossible to fit all my gear in any longer. Peoples taste in cars, are also far superior in Miami, compared to anywhere else we have been. It's quite common to see a Ferrari or a Lambo every 5-10 minutes.

While looking around the shops we booked ourselves onto a tour through the key islands. The next morning, the tour bus picked us up at 6.30am drove 170 miles, across 42 islands, taking 4 1/2 hours. On the final key island called Key west, we were given 7 hours to explore. We started things off by doing some paragliding, which is as awesome as it sounds, it was a great experience, we both assumed we would be going no more than 80-100ft up, but we actually got to go up 350ft with the occasional dunk into the sea, we bought a disk containing pictures, which we haven't managed to see yet. We then walked up and down the main street on the island called duval street, we were told to expect lots of nudity here, but didn't actually see anything. However there was free entry to the strip clubs along here. We got food and saw some live music in a place called Sloppy Joes, it's quite famous at Key west for it's sloppy but tasty food. It's an amazing business model, changing more for sloppy food - geniuses. We then went to the southmost point in the continental USA which is marked with a huge cone like statue. On the island, near where we done paragliding, there was also a bunch of statues painted so well, they genuinely look like real people, apart from the one I am adding to the gallery. Back in England we get drive through fast food and that's about it. In the states, drive through pharmacys and atm machines are also quite popular, however in key west we saw the ultimate - drive through liquor store. I can't think of a better way to promote drink driving. They also have different speed limits for night time which is just bizarre.

The next day I went on my own to the everglades, Glenn had already been before and didn't want to go again. It was a fun half day out. First I done the boat tour, the boats go pretty quick and have awesome handling.... especially if you like drifting. There wasn't all that many alligators, but I got to see a couple chilling. I then went to a show, where one of the trainer demonstrated how to put your hand in an alligators mouth without dieing of bloody loss and how to wrestle with an alligator. They also went around and showed everyone an emperor scorpion and a baby alligator, the latter was pretty neat, although no one was allowed to touch it still. Last I paid an extra $3 to get to hold a mid sized alligator and get my picture taken. It had its mouth tied shut, but this was really cool, definitely the best thing I done that day. Quite happy with how peng I look in the pictures too ;) lol #bighead

Halloween also happened while we were in Miami. So on the 31st we went out on Lincoln street where it was all happening. I think the only times I've seen people as packed together as they were that night, were at music festivals and London at new year. Everyone was either dressed up or dressed down in a fancy costumes and make up, we were totally under prepped, but it was still good seeing everyone elses outfits. There was music being played everywhere and a good friendly atmosphere all round. We did make the mistake of eating out in Burger King, the staff were actually special, I'm sure of it. They took about 20 minutes to give me half my order and completely forgot about Glenn. We ate out, in some really nice restaurants on other nights, which squared things up. One night I even got 36 fluid ounce cocktail for $10... absolute bargain.

Today we left Miami, but before heading to the airport we went to the Miami Ink tattoo studio and had a look inside, it's quite a famous studio, but I didn't find it all that grand, tattoos arn't really my thing though. We also had a look around botanical gardens, which is just like palm tree central. I'm writing this on the plane, we flew from Miami international to a place called Charlotte in North Carolina. Right now we have another 3 hours before be land in Seattle. We couldn't of actually gone much further away, whilst staying in the USA. Luckily my phone has season 1 of Under the Dome on it, which I have just finished. Any TV addicts should torrent, I mean legally purchase this immediately. It's an awesome show and has Hank Schrader as a character :O


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Vanessa - 09th Nov 2013 06:27:07
Been following your travels from the beginning but not left a message. Now somebody is pestering me like mad cos I havent. The more I have read, the more I have wished I was there myself. Love the photo with the croc and looking forward to hearing about your future adventures. Glad you are having a good time and Hello from all of us.

Mel - 04th Nov 2013 16:06:31
I love your blog. Sounds like a brilliant place, hot weather, beautiful beaches, shopping, flash cars, paragliding and crocs. Seems like an all round brilliant place. You have a gorgeous tan and are most certainly looking very handsome, lol. The little croc is also so sweet. You will love it when you get to Yellowstone. Would love to go there myself and see the bears. Could you see if you can get me a couple of bear photo's please. Just don't take risks for a couple of pictures. Missing you and loving you. xxx

big bear - 03rd Nov 2013 13:35:45
Like the picture of a random cockral crossing the road, can't believe it actually used the crossing. Miami must have been hot you are almost as tanned as the chicken lol. Great pictures and blog

Jem - 03rd Nov 2013 11:03:42
Miami looks awesome. So jel of you going there. Always wanted to go there bubs. Weather looked lush. So jealous you went to miami ink too. Yes i know you think i have enough tattoos. That tiny croc looks so cute in your pics aha. You got such a tan too. Glad your having an awesome time. :) miss you and love you xx ♡ xx