Two Idiots Abroad
Two idiots (Simon Jakowicz and Glenn Goodhall) spending 90 days traveling around the United States, departing on the 12th September 2013. Follow our adventures as we journey from the concrete jungle - New York to the city of angels - Los Angeles.

Speedway City

By: Simon Jakowicz on 05th Oct 2013

Indianapolis, the home of motor speedway, was our next stopping point. On arrival we went straight to the Dallara IndyCar Factory, we got to see a load of swishy indy cars and found out a load of information about them, which I’ve forgotten already. They also had a simulator experience which was fun, nowhere near as good as the F1 simulator experience I done with work before coming to the states though. We kind of bagged on spending a whole day here alone, so when we had seen everything after an hour and a half, we walked to the the actual Indianapolis motor speedway. There are a bunch of races that that are held here including NASCAR, MotoGP and the 500 mile race. We got to go around the track in a bus at 5mph, no crashes, no explosions, no handbrake turns…. boring. That is slightly negative, the track was actually not bad, as far as roads go. While there we walked around the speedway hall of fame, it was a chance to get some more pictures of cool cars, but I know nothing about any motor sports, so I just glazed over the history side of things.

We done more couchsurfing again in Indianapolis and stayed with a guy called rick, both the nights we were there we went out with him and his friend Alexis, they were both really cool people, they showed us the sights and introduced us the the Chive phenomenon, it’s basically a group of people who respect each other for being part of the community. Rick gave me a Keep Calm and Chive On t-shirt which I wore out and it really worked. I was gifted free entry to bars, drinks brought to me by fellow chivers and met some really interesting people. I can’t wait to wear it again and see what other reactions I get.

Day 2 we spent most of the day chilling, we had a walk around the world war memorial, went to a local pub and watched some sport and found a Ponderosa and got ourselves an epic buffet.

That about sums it up, next up, Memphis.


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