Two Idiots Abroad
Two idiots (Simon Jakowicz and Glenn Goodhall) spending 90 days traveling around the United States, departing on the 12th September 2013. Follow our adventures as we journey from the concrete jungle - New York to the city of angels - Los Angeles.

Space city

By: Glenn Goodhall on 16th Oct 2013

We arrived in Houston ready to explore the famous space centre and all it had to offer. The space centre was great we watched a few presentations one was about life in a space shuttle. One of the most interesting facts was that an astronauts heart actually shrinks in space and also the your muscle deteriorate in space because they aren't being used.

We watched another presentation all about exploring Mars, and how the rovers that explore Mars have evolved. I found this talk quite fascinating and didn't realise that Mars is actually a cold planet and that the reason it is red is because it's covered in iron oxide.

After another hectic day we stayed with another couch surfer Kevin. Kevin was very hospitable and showed us around his house, he had a pool table and a ping pong table which was great fun. We managed to find a stream to watch the England game which was good this was the first bit of football that we have seen since we have been here.

Kevin wanted to get more involved in football so we made him choose a team, he has been to London before so I said pick a London team. We came down to the big free Tottenham, Chelsea and Arsenal and unfortunately he picked Arsenal because they play in red.

Overall really enjoyed my time in Houston up next a short stay in San Antonio the Austin


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Dad - 08th Nov 2013 00:33:16
More blogs Glenn are you sure you are in USA? Baby will be looking forward to seeing you when you're home,

mum - 04th Nov 2013 14:25:19
Hi Glenn still enjoying the blog Miami looks cool When are you going to the Rockies? Cant wait to see the photos Skype soon so we can see that hair cut lol. take care love you mum dad x wait to see photos skype soon looking forward to see if you have a sun tan and that hair cut lol

margaret goodhall - 20th Oct 2013 09:48:50
hi glenn you really are enjoying youeselves and seeing a lot of places your have a lot to talk about when you come home cant wait till then take care and be careful love nan grandad

Glenn - 18th Oct 2013 09:57:25
Yea I am having a great time thanks, glad you're liking them there hard work sometimes lol I will try and make them as frequent as I can so busy exploring lol x

Auntie Terri - 18th Oct 2013 00:00:07
Hi Glenn. Loving reading the bloggs I'm so jealous looks like you're having the most amazing time. Kept the pics and bloggs going. Take care, love you xxx