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Two idiots (Simon Jakowicz and Glenn Goodhall) spending 90 days traveling around the United States, departing on the 12th September 2013. Follow our adventures as we journey from the concrete jungle - New York to the city of angels - Los Angeles.

Philadelphia and Washington DC

By: Simon Jakowicz on 20th Sep 2013

Hooray, that map on the homepage, is actually showing a bit of progress now, even whilst zoomed out. Since the last blog, we have travelled to Philadelphia, where we picked up our new car. We was supposed to get a Chevrolet Aveo, but we got a free upgrade to a Dodge Avenger. It is an absolute beast of a car, I almost hit the 100mph but was short by 5mph, most roads have a 55mph speed limit max, making it quite difficult, occasionally there is a 65mph limit, but that's it - very disappointing. Glenn for some reason doesn't want to break the speed limit, but I guess that'll have to change if we are gonna get to Texas in a month. The car can also have its traction control turned off so once I get a few more miles under my belt, I am so giving that a go. The roads over here kinda but the UK to shame, everywhere you go, the highways have 4+ lanes, the only problem is the drivers, who think it's acceptable to drive slow in the fast lane. As anyone who knows me well, knows if I'm not doing 100mph, I'm gonna have some serious road rage.

So anyway we picked the car up at Philadelphia airport, which was a two mile walk, a coach ride, a train ride and a shuttle bus ride away from where we was staying at the Tropicana in Atlantic city. We checked into a Econo Lodge, which was a complete rip off but oh well. We then we checked out what is arguably the most famous landmark in Philadelphia, the rocky steps outside the museum of art, we recorded ourselves running to the top and celebrating, before making our way back down. Not to mention, posing next to the rocky statue. Philadelphia is quite a nice city, there was lot of green land and some pretty cool massive street chess, checkers and twister boards.

After checking out rocky we made our way back to the motel, got some kip and got up this morning for the drive to DC, we didn't have somewhere to stay in DC, so we put the white house into the sat nav and off I drove, it was a 135 mile drive and took about 3 hours due to the annoyingly slow drivers on the road. We arrived in DC at around 3pm, handed the keys to our beauty of a car, over to frankly so dodgy looking bloke, along with $18, for 4 hours of parking. It's not hard finding what you want to see in DC, but they are all a hell of a lot more spaced out than we first thought.

First we checked out the U.S Capitol, which Glenn though was the white house, bless him. I'm sure you have all seen it before so I won't go into crazy details, but it was white, like everything in DC it seems :P. We then went onto see the Lincoln Monument, this was currently under maintenance, with scaffolding all around it, a guy in Atlantic city told us this was due to an earthquake a few years back. Next to the monument, was the reflecting pool, I'm sure you all have seen this many times before too, it's pretty much a dirty, shallow, pool of water, but from the top of the Lincoln memorial temple, it was actually a pretty cool looking sight with the monument in the background. The world war 2 memorial site had some nice views to celebrate the lives of the U.S troops that died during the war, after the United States joined the war on the 7th December 1941, when Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese military (See I'm not just a pretty face). Next up, the national gallery of art, to me it felt more like I was in an episode of Crystal Maze, there were doors all over the place, very confusing. There were some pretty decent paintings I must admit, but it did kinda feel like everyone in the paintings were miserable and I'm not sure what the obsession with showing everybodies privates were, unless clothes were actually invented in the last 200 years. Lastly, the most prestigious landmark of them all, the White House, it certainly is very white.... and the garden surrounding it was rather plush too - not that I'm a secret gardener or anything. Due to security reasons, we had to view the White House though a telescope at the top of the empire state building.... Well not quite that far away, but we did have to stand quite far back when taking our pictures. Anyone would think Barack Obama was famous or something. Needless to say it was a really cool site to see.

We then spend about an hour and a half, driving to a motel 6 which turned out to be about 10-15 miles down the road *facepalm* - "It wasn't me". But we are here, chilling and ready to get back on that DC bandwagon tomorrow.


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Jem - 21st Sep 2013 01:41:23
Corr you've been so busy. Good to see your in more photos now. Photos look good though. Weather looks lush there compared to here.. glad your staying in a motel and not couch surfing. Missing you and love you bubba xxxx