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Two idiots (Simon Jakowicz and Glenn Goodhall) spending 90 days traveling around the United States, departing on the 12th September 2013. Follow our adventures as we journey from the concrete jungle - New York to the city of angels - Los Angeles.

Magic People, Voodoo People

By: Simon Jakowicz on 14th Oct 2013

After another exceptionally long drive, we finally made it to New Orleans. Upon entering we saw what a baron wasteland New Orleans and the south of Louisiana actually is. We didn't go into the parts of town which are still completely destroyed, however we got to see parts of town which are still practically deserted and heavily fooked.

When hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005, the six flag theme park was forced to permanently shut its gates and has since been abandoned. We stopped by for a visit, the car park was locked up so we had to leave the car in the road, but the gate had been forced open enough to walk through. There was further gates at the payment entrance but luckily again a fence had been ripped down giving us entry. It was getting dark but that didn't stop us walking around the whole park. It was so surreal, some of the coasters still looked semi functional and other rides had been completely ripped apart, every ride and building was plastered in graffiti, every window was smashed, it was like walking through a horror movie set. I'd of loved to go into the buildings and look around but they were all pitch black and I kind of got the feeling we wasn't alone in there. With all our gear it just wasn't worth the risk. We got classic pictures of the lifeless ferris wheel. Similar to what everyone has seen from the abandoned theme park in Ukraine due to the Chernobyl incident.

The next day we went to the most popular part of town, named the french quarter, the whole place is full of bars, live music, clothes & gift shops, psychics and voodoo stuff. As always we saw quite a few bands on the streets and in a few bars, we booked ourself on to a steamboat tour along the Mississippi river for that evening and walked around town. It's was probably the hottest day so far, 31 degrees C but with no wind it felt even hotter. Some of the voodoo shops were rather weird, you can buy potions and charms for all manner of things e.g. luck, or buy voodoo dolls for a cheap as $3..... what a bargain. We also got to see a pussy punch up between a bunch of drunks, who later went after a women for phoning the police but her husband and some other nearby dude came in and sorted those mother fuckers out. In the evening we went on our boat tour along the Mississippi, by this time it was actually dark so we couldn't see much, there was a good jazz band on board that gave us 2 hours of entertainment at least. We then went to the street with the best night life in New Orleans called Bourbon Street, it's full of bright lights, bars, strip clubs and hustlers. We just walked through to check it out and went back the car, it had been a really long day.

Our third day in New Orleans was a lot more chilled we really didn't have anything left to do. Glenn got rubbed down by some old Chinese bloke which they were calling a massage, he still asked if they did extras :/ We then went to a place called "Rock n Bowl" which is a bowling alley with live jazz, this place was closed unfortunately, I think it something to do with the Saints playing that day. We resorted to the cinema again, we saw a film called Prisoners, thankfully it was nothing like the TV series The Prisoner. The IMDB description makes it sound like a complete copy of Taken, but they're actually completely different and it was a really good film.

Today we are on the road again, this time to Houston!


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Jem - 20th Oct 2013 05:46:38
Oh would i? Aha it looks soo cool though.. ohh i want a voodoo doll aha they look awesome :p x

Simon - 16th Oct 2013 17:07:28
@Jem Six flags was wicked, such a cool place. You would of shat your knickers babe. Houston is done now already haha x @Mum :D x

Mel - 16th Oct 2013 08:55:15
Glad you are enjoying your holiday.

Jem - 14th Oct 2013 13:00:23
The theme park looks awesome. Would love to walk round that. Glad you didnt intervene in that fight... oh well keep on having a good time and enjoy houston. Love and miss you bubba xx so much xx