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Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

By: Jemima Barker on 28th Nov 2013

So Si and Glenn have said I should write a blog for my week in Vegas, so here it goes.
I spent 11 hours on a flight out to Vegas and arrived mid afternoon. Joining me at the airport, Si and myself jumped into a cab to the Bellagio. We had a premier fountain view room, the views of the fountain and Vegas were great, we both agreed the room was not worth the $500 we paid for one night though. On the first night we explored around the Bellagio and found the botanical garden and a really nice but expensive chocolate shop, moving on we went to Ceasars Palace where everything was made of marble and looked around Planet Hollywood. I'm sure there were more hotels but I was far too tired to remember.

The next day we packed up our stuff and moved onto the MGM Grand where we spent 6 nights. We couldn't decide on what room to choose so we had 3 nights in a one bed suite which was massive and by far the best room we had whilst in Vegas and 3 nights in a stay well suite, where it has special lights, vitamin infused water and lots of other special health conscience things. During the day we went around more casinos including, Luxor, Mandalay Bay, Excalibur, New York New York, at NYNY we went on the roller coaster which was pretty cool but very uncomfy. On the Sunday afternoon they closed the strip for the rock and roll half marathon, which was a good experience as your not very likely to see the entire strip closed again. We had great views from Glenn's room, starting the first leg of their half marathon. In the evening we went to a restaurant called Dicks, I wasn't too sure on how to take it, they act rude towards you and put random hats on you with something written on them. I was the unlucky one, getting a hat first, which said "Only here for the gang bang". It was a strange experience but was a good one. The guys then wanted to go gambling so we ended up at Tropicana with them playing roulette and on the slot machines. Before long they lost their money and we decided to call it a night.

On the Monday, me and Si wanted to go to a shooting range. Glenn had done it before, so he decided not to join us and went off and did some other things. We got a cab down to the shooting range, where we chose a package, shooting 3 different types of guns for $100. It was such good fun, I'd love to do it again, my favourite gun was by far the mp5. I did the best with this gun too, hitting the head and some of the neck. Once we had finished the guy let us take pictures holding the last gun we used which was pretty cool. Shame we didn't think about taking any whilst shooting. Before we left they gave us free t-shirts too, which is a pretty good souvenir along with our targets.

On our long walk back to the strip we came across a pinball museum. We didn't know what to expect, thinking we would have to pay to get in and look around, but instead it was more like an old pinball arcade. It was awesome, sadly I didn't have any quarters, so I couldn't have a go on them, but we had a look round and took quite a few pictures of all the old machines. Simon had a go on some old arcade machines, one game he didn't have a clue what to do, which is quite funny thinking back at it. The guy who worked in there was very friendly too, telling us about the place and where to look to get good deals too, which was nice of him.

We went to 2 shopping outlets for half a day each and managed to get loads of bargains, which we were all pleased with. I could of bought so much more if I had the money and space too. It's amazing how cheap designer clothing is out there, I even got a pair of jeans for 1 cent, can't go wrong there. We also went shopping on the strip and got some good bargains from Coca Cola World and Hard Rock Cafe. We had a look around M&M World but didn't get anything from there. When in Coca Cola World we saw the Coca Cola bear and got pictures with him, just like little kids, but hey ho we were in Vegas after all.

On Monday evening we headed for the old strip at Fremont street. The only decent hotel in the area was the Golden Nugget which had a shark pool within the swimming pool area. All other hotels looked old, run down and dated. Along Fremont street we saw bands playing and watched them for a while, along the street it is all covered and when they play songs they project images and videos onto the ceiling which was really cool. Fremont street was good, but I prefer the new strip by far and I'm glad we didn't stay there.

We decided that we would go to see some shows in the evenings so booked to go see a comedy show at Planet Hollywood, comedy isn't really my thing normally but I must admit I found it quite funny. There was another group of English people in the room too and one of them basically told the guy he was shit, but the guy just carried on and dealt with it. What do you expect American humour is different to ours. We then went to see MJ Live at the Rio hotel which was a major trek from the strip, had we of known, we may not of booked to go and see this, we are glad we did though as the show was really good. The guy who played MJ sounded pretty decent and managed to get the really high notes, which I didn't think would be possible. They even did a few songs from The Jackson 5 too. Then the final show, we saw was David Copperfield at the MGM Grand. He was amazing the things he did just seemed so unreal, it messed with your head, like he had a car appear on stage and then did some stuff with a duck. Si reckons that he knows how he did one of his tricks, but who knows. This was by far my favourite show we went to. For anyone going to Vegas I would definitely recommend seeing David Copperfield.

Whilst I was in Vegas I really wanted to party Vegas style, so said to the guys about going out to Hakkasan night club which was conveniently located in mine and Simon's hotel. Luckily Glenn has some way with the lads and on his way over to our hotel, managed to get us free tickets into Hakkasan just by holding a door open for some guy. Saving myself $20 and the guys $30. Before going we had pre drinks in our room, the cans of alcohol out there are massive compared to England, I couldn't even finish one can. Once in Hakkasan we got down to partying and having an all round good time. One of the security guards even got down and dancing which was funny as you don't see that at home. Glenn really came out of himself dancing away which made me laugh. They went around giving us flashing sticks to wave around so felt more like a rave in the end. The Americans know how to party. We only stayed for 2 hours as the drinks were so expensive, $32 for 2 small dissarano and coke and $10 for a beer, it was a joke along with the music becoming all a bit too samey. Looking around the nightclub, it looked like everyone in there was made of money, splashing out on booths and massive bottles of vodka and champagne, lifestyles of the rich and famous, but I guess that sounds about right as most nightclubs out there have big names playing in them like Calvin Harris.

On Wednesday evening we made our way down the strip to the Stratosphere where we went up to the 107th floor for views of Vegas and then up another 2 floors to go on insanity and xscream. I have never been so scared in all my life on those rides, but am grateful I went on them, otherwise I would of regreted it.

On my last day, me and Simon went to The Hard Rock Cafe and grabbed some lunch, the eating area was massive. After eating we must of spent another 45 minutes walking around looking at everything they had. We then headed for the final few casinos we hadn't explored and then onto the Mirage to watch the explosion show, where they have a volcano that erupts, I got quite a few pictures of this whilst Si recorded it. Finally we made our way back to the Bellagio to see the fountains one last time, I absolutely loved the fountains as every time they came on, there was a different song and the fountains did different things. Standing there watching them with Si was romantic, in my opinion.
On my last full day I decided to go and gamble on roulette. I put in $20 and ended up over an hour later $5 richer. On the Saturday before I left I wanted to gamble again and once again played roulette. Putting $20 on and at one point having $50, but I carried on playing and in the end, walked away $18 richer, not bad for my first time gambling. It has made me want to gamble more, its addictive (when you win).

After getting my winnings, I got my luggage and a bus to the airport with Si, grabbed some lunch and said our goodbyes again. At least this time its not for as long. Im still adjusting to English time but that was expected.

Last thing, I never knew it rained in Vegas... we were all drenched waiting for a bus on Thursday, it was a pain but we didn't allow for it to ruin our day.

I'd like to thank Si and Glenn for letting me join them for an awesome week.


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Simon - 07th Dec 2013 16:53:41
No way, my grammar and literature skills are impeccable.

Jem - 30th Nov 2013 01:55:10
Big bear - thanks aha Si - oi no need to be cheeky. Re-read some of yours and your see mistaked too lol. Yeah was wicked though x

Simon - 29th Nov 2013 22:17:30
Very good blog and an even better proof reader and photographer ;) lol. It was a great week, glad you enjoyed yourself. x

Big bear - 29th Nov 2013 13:29:57
Great blog Jem, In one week you are a master

Jem - 29th Nov 2013 12:47:46
Aww i know. Im so glad i went out there it was amaze and i feel so much better for it. Not guna go all soppy on here though lol. Nopes not long now :) xxx

Mel - 29th Nov 2013 12:25:06
Good blog Jem, knew you would have a fantastic week. Just jealous it was you instead of me that spent a week with Simon. Still not long now and will be back. xx