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Two idiots (Simon Jakowicz and Glenn Goodhall) spending 90 days traveling around the United States, departing on the 12th September 2013. Follow our adventures as we journey from the concrete jungle - New York to the city of angels - Los Angeles.

Lady liberty and the empire state of mind

By: Simon Jakowicz on 17th Sep 2013

"One hand in the air for the big city,
Street lights, big dreams all looking pretty,
No place in the world can compare"

It really can't, NYC and its sights are absolutely magnificent from every single angle. I was lucky enough to get a helicopter flight gift. Taking to the skies over Manhattan, I got to see the Yankee stadium, central park, Madison square gardens, the statue of liberty, ground zero, the new world trade centers, the empire state building, the Rockefeller center and tonnes more. As it goes, over the last two days, we have individually gone to see most of these attractions.

In no particular order..... The New York Yankees, one of the biggest sporting teams on the planet and their stadium does them justice. Just as dazzling from the ground as it looked from the sky. Near the stadium there were people playing NFL and what us english people call football. It a hard to explain kind of vibe felt, but it made me wanna see the real McCoy. We are going to try and go to a game on the 20th if we can get tickets. So stay tuned. I hope we can, I can only imagine how intense the atmosphere will be.

Ground zero was a beautiful sight. I didn't know what to expect, but it certainly delivered on appearance and bringing people together. It felt so surreal knowing that almost 3,000 people had lost there lives on that very spot. You really have to see it with your own eyes. We also had a look around the 9/11 memorial museum which was equally as touching. Hearing and reading people stories and seeing what remains of the sister towers has made 9/11 feel a lot more real to me than it ever has before. God bless. While on the subject, there are 4 new world trade centers in construction, I wasn't quite sure if any are 100% finished but they all look uniquely stylish. The freedom tower is over 1,700 feet and the biggest building in America.

Next up, lady liberty. I was told this was a site not worth visiting. But how can you not visit the most iconic site in recent NYC and even the United States history. It is exactly what you expect, a big green lady holding a torch. Nothing short of what you see in the movies, but still well worth seeing. Liberty island also offered great views of Manhattan's landscape and the boat ride was pretty fun too.

I want to talk abit about food for a moment. We haven't really had time to eat much, as we have been so busy. However yesterday we got our first, eyes being bigger than our bellys experience, whilst going to Julianos Pizzeria. Each slice of pizza was humongous and loaded with scrummy ingredients. I went for a mix of bacon, chicken and some unusual cheese. But we could really do with some help on this front, so if you have any recommendations, please leave a comment.

Over the last 4 days we have managed to see a good amount of street music, usually on the subway. Our local station, 103rd st on Broadway manages to attract a new musician daily, weather they are playing guitar, double bass or just singing acapella. At Union square station yesterday we also saw a band I would pay to see any day. 3 guys on trumpets and 2 on drums, even if one drummer was using makeshift drums, which were actually plastic bins. I got a 4 minute video of them but sadly didn't get there name. If I get a solid WiFi connection, I'll upload it to YouTube. As anyone with any kind of musical taste, will love it. We also met 3 guys who came onto our train once and played bongos for 5-10 minutes. Love that instrument, those guys would smash any of the crap on Britain got talent out the water - if they were british.

The empire state. What can I say that I didn't say about the rock. It was a similar view, they're only 10ish streets apart, but I had to go see it for myself. Directly below us was Macys, so that was a plus *thumbs up* We didn't get to see King Kong unfortunately, the skiver was a no show. I think we paid over the odds for our tickets too, being sold tickets on the street by a smelly breathed guy was not FTW. But we did get fast track access and got to go on a skyride simulator. Which was supposed to feel like being in a helly. Definitely nowhere near as good as the real thing, but it was fun.

I'm gonna plough through the remaining sights we saw as they just weren't as epic, but I'm still glad we saw them. First Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges, they are just bridges after all. There is no magic behind them taking you to Narnia. The place is loaded with graffiti especially around Chinatown, which was as expected, much like the Chinatown I know of in London.... just much bigger. The Dakota, where John Lennon was shot outside his home. You could quite easily walk past this apartment block without realising it. The Beatles and John Lennon are some of the biggest music phenomenons of all time. So I'm surprised there wasn't a statue or something in memory of his life.

Sorry that dragged on a bit. It's because today was our last day in NYC and we are on a 3 1/2 hour bus ride to Atlantic City. Farewell, see you again soon. Mini Vegas I am told and we are staying at the Tropicana casino. Here's to two days of beers, gambling and maybe some pool parties and a little sight seeing.

Tune in again tomorrow at 2 1di075 48R04d for the latest. Peace.


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Jem - 18th Sep 2013 11:16:28
Yeah you and your messy hair :p thats your style though and thats what suits you :) xx

Simon - 18th Sep 2013 07:18:25
I guess it is a week longer. Not even waxing it sometimes, just let it blow in the wind lol. Although that powerful wax is epic, do like my hair up all over the place.

Jem - 18th Sep 2013 00:13:56
Yeah that is a pretty awesome pic bubs. Oh was going to say for some reason your hair looks even longer too aha xx

Simon Jakowicz - 17th Sep 2013 15:27:09
@Mum - Glad you like the blog, ground zero is quite an emotional place, it free, but everyone donates at least $10. Looks amazing too. @Jem - The Heli ride was awesome, told you I'd put some pics on here, I particularly like my 3rd pic of the landscape with the boat going past. Took that from up there. @Dan Glad you left a comment mate, you would love it here, it's so cool, a completely different way of life, everything I see I'm just like wow, because you don't see those kind of things in the UK. Sign up to Twitter, I'm posting stuff on there, extra pics n shizzle. Will defo be doing a steak challenge. Everywhere that does steak says with cheese. Not sure why anyone would want cheese on a steak, but they're mad for it on any food. Today I also saw fried oreo and chocolate covered bacon :/

Dan - 17th Sep 2013 13:16:37
Alright mate, trip looks amazing. On the food issue, going back to one of our previous convosations....STEAK. I wanna see your before and after photos of an attempt at the most massive steak ever :P

Jem - 17th Sep 2013 10:49:53
Hi bubsy. Looks like you did so much in NYC so much more than I did when I went. You make me want to go back there more than ever. Maybe we can one day? im glad you enjoyed the helicopter tour bubs. Have a wicked time in atlantic city, no doubt you will. Love you loads always xxxx

Mel - 17th Sep 2013 09:01:15
Simon, You have certainly been busy and the pictures are wonderful. You have written your blog so beautifully. The way you wrote about Ground Zero and the museum brought tears to my eyes. You certainly have a way with words, of drawing the viewer into the experience. Totally amazing and so humble. I am so proud of you. Love you so much. xxxx