Two Idiots Abroad
Two idiots (Simon Jakowicz and Glenn Goodhall) spending 90 days traveling around the United States, departing on the 12th September 2013. Follow our adventures as we journey from the concrete jungle - New York to the city of angels - Los Angeles.


By: Glenn Goodhall on 11th Oct 2013

We arrived in Indianapolis the home of Motorsport. Our first stop was the dallara indie car factory, where they build the indie cars from scratch. We had a good look round at all the technical jargon and made our way to the simulators. The Indie car simulators were pretty cool and they even had a clutch pedal although with the flappy paddle gears the peddle was kind of useless. The simulators were pretty fun though as long as you stay on the track and off the grass.

Next up was the famous race track we decided to take a bus tour onto the track, unfortunately they wouldn't let us lose around the track in a nascar so we had to settle for a bus.

during our stay in Indianapolis we stayed with a Rick a fellow couch surfer. Rick showed us around town along with his lovely friend Alexis, we went to a few bars had a few beers and played some pool. I couldn't believe that in American rules you only get one shot even if you pot the white.

Next day we decided to have a walk around town and chill out. In the evening Rick introduced us to Chive. Chive is an online community who primarily raise money for charity via their merchandise and also charity events. The Chive community buy each other drinks when they see a fellow chiver wearing a T-shirt and look after each other. Rick was kind enough to give us a Chive T-shirt, which Simon and I flipped for unfortunately I lost but its my turn next.
We had a great night at the some cool bars Simon got a few free drinks for wearing the Chive T-shirt and we meet some cool people.

I really enjoyed my time in Indianapolis Rick and Alexis were great company and I had great time.


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