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Two idiots (Simon Jakowicz and Glenn Goodhall) spending 90 days traveling around the United States, departing on the 12th September 2013. Follow our adventures as we journey from the concrete jungle - New York to the city of angels - Los Angeles.

DC Carnival

By: Simon Jakowicz on 22nd Sep 2013

So this is our third and final night in DC, after we left New York, it has been kind of chilled, we have gone with the flow and enjoyed ourselves. DC has been a little different we had a lot of landmarks to see, it not that much time, inevitably this meant a lot of walking. On the plus side it does mean my back muscles are getting pretty bang tidy, probably due to carrying 10kg of gear around with me all day.

As contradictory as it sounds we started yesterday by paying for a big bus tour around DC, exactly the same as you get in London (the bus designs are even identical). We could get on and off whenever we wanted, so that is what we done. We stopped by the national american indian museum, they had some interesting artifacts including, some of their old automobiles and guns, also their bows and dream catcher looked quite stylish, not to mention their glitter "sneakers", I still don't quite get that one either. After we then went to the national air and space museum, which is the most popular museum in the states. They had a bunch of old space crafts from different US wars and some drones and rockets which were send into space by NASA, this was definitely my favourite museum of the lot. After this we got back on the bus, sat on the top deck while it absolutely pissed it down and got completely soaked. Our tour guide - Chris, was giving out ponchos, which we immediately snapped up, however the damage was already done.

We stayed overnight on the outskirts of DC and this morning made our way back towards the capital. We got breakfast at a place called Tune Inn, I got mozzarella sticks and Glenn went for the more traditional cheese omelette, or omelet as the americans spell it. Today, quite luckily, there was a carnival going on in the heart of DC, we managed the see a bunch of street entertainment from a bunch of nationalities. The entertainment ranged from live music, to dance groups and carnival dress-ups. At one point we even saw some women strolling around, almost completely naked, strange city. I think Glenn is still stalking her now.

We then went to the national american history museum. Everyone says America has no history and this kind of proved it, the place was literally filled with trains and not much else. Next stop, the holocaust memorial museum. It was a very interesting place, I learnt a lot about the Nazi's, how they rose to power and about how the Germans almost controlled the world. We was kind of expecting a room saying how America saved the day, but there wasn't :) For anyone in tech, did you know that IBM actually aided in genocide during world war 2? Well they did, So this is my boycott against their products.
Tomorrow we are going to get up early, go and check out the Pentagon and then take a long ass drive up to Niagara falls, Buffalo. I literally cannot wait. Stay tuned.

p.s. On the website, I realised I should have paged the homepage into maybe 5 blogs per page and the same for the gallery, so these pages may open a little slow for now. When I have a free evening I'll hopefully paginate these.

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Simon - 25th Sep 2013 16:37:47
Yeah you are a bit late lol, Heli tour was wicked, got loads of pics, Niagara falls were absolutely quality too. I'll write a separate blog about that though.

James - 25th Sep 2013 08:01:56
Seems like you've both had a really busy week can see you've been to absolutely loads of places. Haven't commented in a bit so this may be a bit late but the pictures from your helicopter tour looked really good, Well done to Jem for organising that eh :D. Anyway hope you had a nice time at niagra falls, ttyl.

Jem - 24th Sep 2013 11:53:15
I wish i could be there with you right now.... its killing me thatt I cant and knowing i cant afford to come see you. Not even for a week.i miss you so so much and hope your having a good time. By the looks of it you are. Love you loads xxxxxx

Glenns Mum - 24th Sep 2013 07:31:13
Hi Guys looks like your having grea ttime ? Should of got over jet leg by now so you can start enjoying it now.We have just got back from LV had great time sailed through customs lol won on roulete cant be bad Vegas has change a lot since you where there last very hot at moe 90 degrees Your pics look great Take care both of you have fun x

Simon - 23rd Sep 2013 20:13:21
@Gary There was a funky kind of smell lingering in the car this morning. I'll let Glenn explain himself lol @Dan if you reckon you can handle the code mate, your welcome to do it :) ai reckon we will have some free time in the next few days though after Niagara. Cream crackered after today lol. You should come out for a week or two. Having an absolutely quality time. Especially some of the unexpected stuff like the carnival.

Glenn's Uncle Gary - 23rd Sep 2013 11:16:19
Best not tell Glen's mum know he's stalking women, best wash his winkle before he comes home. Looks like your both havin a good time, be good and keep the blogs comin. Gaz

Dan - 23rd Sep 2013 02:26:34
Good idea on the pagination. When you get the time to do that you should add another page with just the map on it also so can see more of it :) Trip looks wicked mate.