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Two idiots (Simon Jakowicz and Glenn Goodhall) spending 90 days traveling around the United States, departing on the 12th September 2013. Follow our adventures as we journey from the concrete jungle - New York to the city of angels - Los Angeles.

Cowboy Country

By: Simon Jakowicz on 26th Oct 2013

Goodbye cowboy country, as much as Texas hasn't been a bad state to travel, it hasn't been quite as thrilling as most of the other places we have been. Since my last blog post, we have been in Dallas and to a small town called Arlington. We couch surfed for another 3 nights with a girl called Jenny and her house mate RJ along with another surfer - Michael.

Upon arriving we went to the Dealey plaza, we saw the building and exact window where JFK was shot from, allegedly by Lee Harvey Oswald, that's if he wasn't framed like some people believe, but that’s another story. There are two large x's on Elm Street to show the exact spots where of JFK when he was first shot in the back/neck and then fatally shot in the back of the head. It is possible to go to the 6th floor museum where the shots were fired from but we decided not to. We went on to see the JFK memorial, where some bloke constantly felt the need to stand in front of our picture taking. I then got some dirty looks for stepping over JFK’s memorial step. Not sure what the fuss was all about... it's not like he was president or anything.

The next day we were forced to give up our beloved Dodge and start using the terrible public transport systems. On the plus, our car rental company didn't seem to care that we had a parking ticket and told us we didn't have to pay the $250 drop off fee either..... result, I just hope they don't charge us anyway. We really could have done with the car for a few more days, but we managed and saved a few quid which is always a plus.

Whilst in Dallas we also checked out the Dallas zoo, it's the first zoo I've been to in about 10 years, unless you can count Chessington world of adventure :/ It was pretty big, we got to see, cheaters up close being fed, 4 gorillas chasing a squirrel, meerkats getting excited over a leaf and my personal fave, a koala bear yawning. It was a good day, we had planned to do a zoo at some point, so I’m glad we can say we have done it now.

Next up was Southfork, I’m not a fan of the TV show Dallas, in fact I’ve never seen an episode and probably never will. But it was a pretty cheap attraction, Glenn was keen on going and I’m pretty sure if you are a Dallas fan, you would multiple orgasm over this place. We done a tour of the house and I got to lay down by the pool on their sun lounger. They are in the middle of filming a new season, so they had some props around the house. None of the cast were there, not that I’d of recognised them, even if they slapped me in the face.

The next day, we went to book some flights for our future adventures, to find that I couldn’t use my credit card and my account had vanished from my mobile banking. I had $3 in my wallet, so I spent all day trying to get in contact with Barclaycard and walking somewhere between 10-12 miles to get a western union transfer from my parents. There is a lot more to the tale than that, but I assume the majority of people reading, know the story already, so I won’t bore you. The entire day was wasted, but thankfully we didn’t really have much to do anyway.

The one thing we were going to do, was the Dallas Cowboys stadium tour. Everything turned out dandy and before we left, to return to Dallas, we done the tour. The stadium looks modern and classy with it glass finish, just like the emirates :D The capacity is a mega 80k too, we got to walk along the pitch, do a touchdown, check out the seating areas as well as the player and cheerleader changing rooms. We were pre warned we would like the cheerleader changing room, but sadly none of them were on duty :(

Our last stop was the American Airlines Center to see the Dallas Mavericks vs Indiana Pacers game. Since the game I have a new found love for Basketball, it’s such an interesting sport, there is always something happening and even during the breaks, something good is happening. I love how in american sports, when the home team scores, something showy always happens. At baseball fireworks were set off after a home run, at basketball the entire stadium was lit up red, with 3 points flashing on all the screens after 3 points were scored. Free Maverick t-shirts were shot into the crowd with a slingshot and cheerleaders danced on court which just added the awesome atmosphere. Hopefully we can go to another game before we leave, we just need to pick a team we want to support.

Today we took a flight to Fort Lauderdale which is just north of Miami, we are in a Motel 6 for tonight, but tomorrow plan to go to Miami to chill in the luscious sun. On that note, I hope everyone at home is enjoying the rain and 90mph winds.


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Simon - 28th Oct 2013 17:44:17
@Mum Glad you like the blog, I got quite a lot of pics of the big cats, shame quite a few havent come nout great. There is just too much light to caoture sometimes. I have played with the settings but it's annoying having to change things all the time.

Simon - 28th Oct 2013 17:41:44
@Glenns Auntie - Glenn got plenty of pics at Southfork too, which I'm sure he will share with you all ;) I will let him know of his short comings lol

Simon - 28th Oct 2013 17:39:39
@big bear it is bigger than the average stadium as it 80k seats although the pitch is smaller, the seats are horrible too although can see what you mean by posh. The JFK memorial is enclosed in like some concrete box, just that makes it even worse, so I just showed the tombstone like block. Just as well you know who didnt sit on it, I think he would of crushed it.

Simon - 28th Oct 2013 17:36:13
@jem I thought so too, I tried on about 5, can't imagine wearing one to woek though lol. You be jel :) weather is lushhhh

Mel - 28th Oct 2013 16:14:36
Interesting blog with some great pics. My favourites as always are the big cats, especially the tigers I just love them. Take care and enjoy Miami. love you xxx

Glenn's auntie Terri - 27th Oct 2013 15:55:05
Wow the statdiumis huge, Glenn's mum will love the pics of Dallas - big fan. Tell Glenn he's being a bit lazy with the blogs lol. Take care both of you xx

Big bear - 27th Oct 2013 04:22:20
Hi simon, another good blog. Like the picture of the cowboys stadium, looks bigger than a football stadium and posher. The JFK memorial stone is very plain, I thought they might have a big statue like Fulham had of M Jackson lol. If that little elephant was real animal cruelty would be after you, but a great picture it is. Enjoy Miami you two idiots

Jem - 27th Oct 2013 00:45:49
Hey bubs. Sounds like youve been having a good time. That cowboy hat suits you.. koala is cute :) very much jel of you in the 30degree heat in miami... no.doubt your have an awesome week there. Love you so much bubba xxxxx