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Two idiots (Simon Jakowicz and Glenn Goodhall) spending 90 days traveling around the United States, departing on the 12th September 2013. Follow our adventures as we journey from the concrete jungle - New York to the city of angels - Los Angeles.

Cold Wind Blows

By: Simon Jakowicz on 03rd Oct 2013

Chicago town, the home of blues, Tesco pizza and wind! The weather was brilliant in the day, just like the whole trip has been. But at night, just like those old wives say, it actually does get a bit windy and a bit nippy too. Chicago is a really pretty city. It has most of the nice bright lights that New York has, just without the feeling that you are in the so called concrete jungle. Everything is a lot more spacious, there are some nice parks including the obvious one - millennium park and better architectured buildings. While from a distance you still get to see a skyline which in my opinion was better than NYC, just because it seemed like the city had actually been designed rather than skyscrapers just plonked everywhere.

Anyhow we stayed 3 nights in north Chicago at a motel and on our 4th night, we drove into Indiana and slept in the car in a Walmart car park. It wasn't all that comfortable, but I kind of expected that. On the plus side it wasn't cold, which is more than I can say from any UK experience.
The best known sight in Chicago is without a doubt millennium park or more specifically, cloud gate aka the bean. A gigantic - small house sized, stainless steel sculpture that is shaped like a monkey nut more than a bean. Nevertheless it does offer a very cool reflection of the Chicago skyline. We went so see it during the day and the night, both times it looked stunning in its own ways. In millennium park there is also quite possibly the best venue I have ever seen for a gig, with its abstract stage and lighting. There are no barriers to entry, so I assume gigs are free there. Sadly no one was playing. There were lots of other smaller gardens inside the park and lastly two large walls which had peoples faces reflected onto them among other things as water shot out of there mouth and spilled from the top, like a mini Niagara.

On our way out from millennium park, we happened to come across a closed road, some flashy cars and a film crew. We didn't get to see to much action apart from seeing the cars anchor on the breaks after setting burn times though a nearby tunnel. We found out that they were actually recording for the transformers 4 movie. Sadly we didn't get to see Megan Fox bending over a car engine, wearing tight jeans and a skimpy top... sorry to disappoint. However we got pictures of all the cars that we saw and got as close as we could, if I actually end up in the film, I am so going to demand royalties.

The next cool sight was the Navy Pier, it's like Southend to the power of 10. Some cool rides including a rather large ferris wheel, I heard someone compare it to the London Eye, NO. It was big.... but it wasn't in the same book or even on the same bookshelf, let alone the same page as the London Eye. They had mini golf, cruises, stylish stained glass art, bars where the waitress gave us free drinks so we would tip and Dunkin Donuts... obviously!

Willis Tower or as it used to be called Sears Tower, which is the tallest building in Chicago, was also on the agenda. We went up to the observation deck on the 103rd floor and got some great pictures of Chicago. At the top of the tower, there are glass platforms that you can walk onto outside of the tower. It is a bit unnerving for that first step, but once you’re on there, that can look directly down at the ground and traffic below - very cool.

I almost forgot, we also went to see a baseball game, Chicago White Sox v Kansas City. It was a wicked experience. The stadium looked really good and it was 75% empty at least so we could sit where we wanted, even with our $15 tickets. Kansas City won the game by like 3 or 4 runs, I can't actually remember the score :/ we also went to the Chicago Bulls basketball stadium, but we couldn't get in.

We saw a bunch of other little things and I have plenty of other stuff to say. But I'll tell ya when I see ya.


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Glenn's auntie Terri - 04th Oct 2013 12:28:45
Great pics

Jem - 03rd Oct 2013 16:17:58
Ahh bubs you got the pic of you laying down. Looms so scary aha. Be so scared that id fall through the glass lmao. The pics at night time.down the river look so nice love you xxxxxx

Mel - 03rd Oct 2013 15:56:22
Simon, stunning pictures as usual and a very interesting blog, like the pic of you on the glass observation deck. Pictures 1,4, & 6 are my favourites although they are all good. Looks well scary on that glass platform. Glad you are having a fantastic time. Enjoy your stay in Tennessee when you get there. Eagerly anticipate your next blog and more photo's. Love you xxx