Two Idiots Abroad
Two idiots (Simon Jakowicz and Glenn Goodhall) spending 90 days traveling around the United States, departing on the 12th September 2013. Follow our adventures as we journey from the concrete jungle - New York to the city of angels - Los Angeles.


By: Simon Jakowicz on 29th Nov 2013

The end is nier, our last stop on this trip was originally going to be Los Angeles, technically it still is, but with a twist. Instead of working down from the top of California, we started out in LA and are working our way up to San Francisco and then back down. The primary reason for this was because getting a bus from Vegas to San Francisco would of taken longer, than it would of taken for us both to want to end our lives. That's a good enough reason for me.

After leaving Jem in Vegas, me and Glenn took a 4 1/2 hour bus journey towards LA, fuelled on Coca Cola and the games on Glenn's iPad. The Greyhound station in LA, just so happened to be in the dodgiest part of town, everyone was either a hobo or crack and meth dealer or both. We got some directions to a motel, but after half a mile of walking we decided to turn back and get a cab. One of our best decisions yet, the druggies would have an absolute field day with the gear we have on us and it didn't particularly feel safe. We got a cab to a Motel 6, only half a block off Hollywood Boulevard. It's one of the cleanest and best motels we have stayed in, apparently I always say that though, lol. However the staff and guests were ridiculous, screaming and hollering at the top of their voices, day and night.

The next day we had a walk down the Boulevard, looking at the many, many stars on the floor, originally we must have walked to the rubbish celebrity end, as we didn't recognise any names. The entire street is filled with people selling tours of Hollywood. We booked ourselves onto a tour for $25 each, we got taken to near the base of the Hollywood sign and then to another observation area where we could see the whole of LA, Hollywood, Santa Monica and the Hollywood sign. We then hit the road again and spent about an hour driving around Beverly Hills, we got showed a huge amount of celebrity homes and ex homes including Marilyn Monroe, Jason Statham, Katy Perry, Serena Williams, John Travolta, Phil Colins, Tom Cruise, Paul Newman, George Clooney, Eminem, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and Steven Speilberg..., just to name a few. We also got to see the playboy mansion and the largest home in Beverly Hills, with 200 rooms. We also got showed Vinnie Jones' home, although the bus driver called him Jessie Jones. The tour finished by driving down Sunset Strip and Mulholland Drive which are popular hangout areas for celebs. After finishing the tour, we walked up to the decent end of Hollywood Boulevard and took a ridiculous amount of pictures of everybodies name, on the floor who we recognised, we was gutted Lady Gaga didn't have a star though. We ate in Hard Rock Cafe yet again, their music collection wasn't very good though, unfortunately.

The next day, we go up early and went to the Hollywood edition of Universal Studios. It was a good day, we started by going on the Transformer, the Mummy and Jurassic Park rides. Jurassic Park was exactly the same as in Florida, so I knew what to expect, but still good. The Mummy was quite old and not that great. Transformers was a 3D ride where you don't travel much, but are surrounded by 3D screens watching the Autobots fight Decepticons. Sort of like a much more advanced kind of IMAX theatre. It was really cool and totally different to any theme park ride I've ever been on. By this point the park was getting a little busier so we had to start queuing, we went on the Simpsons ride, this was very much like the Transformers ride, you appear to be on a roller coaster but again it's just a 3D screen, very clever stuff and really good fun. We then saw a bunch of shows and tours, starting out with a Universal tour where we got to see Universals mini New York set and other sets from Desperate Housewives, Psycho, Jaws, War of the Worlds and loads of others. We also got to see the warehouses where different shows and films were being filmed and produced including Depicable Me 2, apparently it isn't completely computer generated after all. Other shows we saw included a animal show, where we were shown how animals are trained for films. The blues brothers, who were 2 impersonators who sung a bunch of songs for us, they even got me and Glenn to sing a little, which was fun. We then went to a show which showed us how Universal use the green screen to sent their casts all over the world and universe. We had a look around Baker Street in their mini London and then went to a pirate like water show, it's kind of hard to explain but contained lots of explosions, so was obvious really entertaining too. Lastly we go to meet Optimus Prime who made comical remarks to everybody about how they are ready to fight with the Autobots, based on what they were wearing. Very funny.

The Next day we we to 3 museum. First was the wax museum which was like a bad attempt at Madame Tussauds, there were a lot of badly modelled celebrities, however there were a couple of good ones, I got a picture with Samuel L Jackson and Glenn got a picture with Tom Hanks starring as Forest Gump. Next was the Believe it or not museum and the Guinness world record museum, they were practically the same thing, they had a bunch of artefacts, videos, facts, stories and quizzes from a bunch of world records and other weird things. That evening we went to the Grithith observatory, this is a space museum at the top of a really big hill, being reluctant to spend money unnecessarily we walked to the top and even jogged a little. We got to see a 100 year old tesla coil in use, I've wanted to see one of these for a while. I think I'm gonna have to make my own when I get home, as they just look so cool. From the top we also got some more great views of LA and the Hollywood sign.
Our last day in LA - for now, we decided we would check out down town LA, even after we were told there isn't much to see. Admittedly there wasn't much to see, but certain areas were lit up for christmas nicely. Lacking things to do we went to the cinema and saw Jason Statham, beat the shit out of everybody in his latest action packed movie - Homefront, which turned out to be quality, not that we doubted it or anything. A bit later we went to the Staple Center and saw a basketball game, this time is was the LA Clippers Vs NY Knicks. The Clippers won by around 10 point, so we finally got to see a home team win at something :D On returning to Hollywood, we had a proper look around the outside of the Chinese Theatre, we got to see the feet and hand prints of a bunch of celebs and I got to see how ridiculously alike mine and Johnny Depp's feet are!

We are currently in San Francisco after an 8 hour bus ride, with a crying baby in front of us :( Happy Thanksgiving weekend and Black Friday.


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Simon - 07th Dec 2013 16:51:51
@Big Bear - I was gonna say SLJ for Samuel L Jackson, but then realised we have the same initials lol. Anyway the statue is bigger than me still, not sure how big he actually is. Yeah those cowboys and cavemen sure knew a thing or two lol. I have got some jobs for you too big bear, on my return. My shoes are very dirty :P

Simon - 07th Dec 2013 16:47:25
@Mum - Thanks, not long at all, 3 1/2 days and I'll be home, tomorrow will be boring on the plane but the day after, I'm gonna try stay really busy in NY. Then Tuesday fly home.

Simon - 07th Dec 2013 16:45:13
@Jem - Aha yeah love that A&F hoodie now, way better than the Nike one. Can't see myself wearing that any more.

big bear - 04th Dec 2013 01:49:36
Great photos S L Jackson looks real enough although a short arse in the photo. The Tesla coil looks good how did they make that 100 yrs ago them cowboys are sure smart lol.looking forward to you getting home soon got lots of jobs you can help me with before xmas lmao. Enjoy your last week in the states and try for a few more blogs if pos.

Mel - 02nd Dec 2013 17:35:36
Good to see you having such a good time. Shame about the druggies etc. but glad that you are safe. Not long now and you will be on your way home. Great pics especially the ones of you. Can't wait to see you again. Love you xxx

Jem - 30th Nov 2013 01:49:28
Good blog bubba. Least you managed to make the most of it after the bad start :) universal studios sounds good and bus tour of celeb houses :) aha see you have your new fav hoody on too xD love you xx