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Two idiots (Simon Jakowicz and Glenn Goodhall) spending 90 days traveling around the United States, departing on the 12th September 2013. Follow our adventures as we journey from the concrete jungle - New York to the city of angels - Los Angeles.

Back Down South

By: Simon Jakowicz on 11th Oct 2013

It's tough staying up to date with the blog so I'm going to summarise our latest two stops; Nashville and Atlanta into one article.

Nashville, the home of country music, we knew from the beginning of the trip, that if we wanted to see live music, this was the place. The city is quite similar to Memphis, both are quite small and have one street which is the place to be in the evening. We spent 3 nights here, 2 nights we went out at the bars to hear live music and get wasted. We saw a bunch of really good bands and a few not so good, met a bunch of cool people, not to forget the weird ones and experienced some stuff I'm confident, I never will again. One of the cabbies explained to us how the government planned 9/11 and it's all one big conspiracy. The motel staff detailed every type of pornography to us and told us how the fbi are tracking his every move on Farmville. He told us lots of other weird things and wonderful things, the guy was totally fucked in the head. While in Nashville we also found a shopping center where we got ourselves some clothes and other odd bits and pieces. There was a chilli shop which must of sold every type of chilli and chilli sauce on the planet. We got to try some ghost chilli sauce, needless to say it was insanely hot, other sauces included "ass blaster", "nucking futs", "crazy mother puckers", "slap ya mama" and "peppers from hell".

Next up was Atlanta, originally we was going to Atlanta to go to the six flags theme park, but it was closed. We decided to go anyway and I'm glad we did. We was only there for 2 nights, the first day we walked about Centennial Olympic Park, this was named after Atlanta held the Olympics in 1996. We got to see the fountain display during the day and at night when it was lit up. We had a walk around their ferris wheel, got some food in the waffle house and went to the arcade to play some basketball and shoot em ups.... before attempting to sleep in Walmart car park again, Glenn with the aid of some "rain water" as I call it, that he stumbled across in Walmart.

The second day we both suffered from sleep deprivation, but soldiered on and had a really good day. We started out by going to the Georgia Aquarium, which is the biggest in the world and hosts some pretty big fish including whale sharks, beluga whales, dolphins and manta rays. On entry you are able to touch some of the rays as they swim around, I can't remember the type of rays these were though... which is unfortunate. You can also touch the star fish, water snails and other strange water creatures with funny names. It is a really cool aquarium, with every fish under the sun it seems like, I particularly liked the piranhas and the otters - they are quite cute and super energetic. Inside is also a tunnel they call the ocean voyager, where you can see fishes all around including the rather huge beluga whale. We also got entry to the dolphin show, where we got to see the dolphins do some wicked tricks on there own and with their trainers. No photography was allowed sadly, the only thing that let it down, was some bloke stopping to tell us a fairy tale every 5 minutes. We then saw some 4D show which would of been good if we were 5 years old. Then we buggered off to the world of coca-cola.

Conveniently the exit of the aquarium was about 100 steps from the entrance to coca-cola world. We timed it brilliant as we had done all day, with the dolphin show and 4D show, we started our tour immediately. We was told how fantastic a company they are by their employees and shown examples of the brand used across the globe, over the last billion years when coca-cola was created. We were then shown what felt like a 6 minute long advert, albeit the graphical designs behind them were impressive. We were then let loose into coca-cola world, we got to see the vault where the secret formula used to be kept, which was ridiculously big for storing what I assume was a bit of paper. We saw another 4D show where we was again told how fantastic coke tastes but this time in an IMAX seat. There were a bunch of exhibits which I won't go into any detail on as this is getting quite long. There was one other exhibit worth mentioning though, a room where you could taste 65 different fizzy drinks under the coca-cola brand, from around the world. I must have tried about 30 before my heart started beating 300pm. Some of the north and south american Fanta flavours are epic, way better than that tosh in the UK. On leaving we were also gifted a free glass bottle of original coca-cola, which was a nice touch.

We then found the grottiest, filthiest, disgusting shithole of a motel on gods earth to stay the night. I wont go into the details but if there was a comfy bench near by I think I'd of snapped it up. Off that subject, I also cut my hair with my swiss army knife, I'm getting a reputation for it now, I think I done quite a good job all things considered. We headed out early this morning and drove to New Orleans, 7 hours in the car, but we have officially drove north to south now. The next blog should be a good one, stay tuned.

p.s. Needless to stay.... comments are appreciated bitches! :D


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Simon - 16th Oct 2013 17:03:31
@Jem - No I didn' buy any but may look out for them on the way home in NYC, there were jellies and I got pics for you. Yup rank but moved on to much better places. @Mum Yh it was shit, but we won't let that ruin anything, we have a good motel tonight in San Antonio, clean, smells nice, prob best we have had. I'll try and Skype again soon. @big bear Lol yeah the fish have massive tanks. Was a bit annoying at coca cola world with all the ads and stuff, but the free sample area made it worth it also they messed up in the gift shop and I got like a 80% discount haha. @Julie Thanks Julie, having the absolute time of my life.

julie - 14th Oct 2013 03:14:49
keep having fun guys looks amazing xx

Big bear - 12th Oct 2013 15:41:51
The Georgia aquarium looks great in the pictures, the fish have a much better living than the people in the area. Coca-cola great tactics brainwash you as soon as you get in there, bet you both drink coke for the rest of the trip and pepsi taste crap, lol. Shame the accommodation you are getting is so bad, but with all them chilli shops I bet the toilets are sparkling. Continue having great fun you two idiots

Mel - 12th Oct 2013 12:05:07
Sounds awful that motel you stayed in which is a shame, as it does tend to spoil things. Looks like you are having an amazing time. Shame the internet connection wasn't to good when you skyped us, but it was good to see you all the same. Look after yourself and take care. Missing you and love you loads. xxxx

Jem - 11th Oct 2013 23:51:43
Looks like youve been very busy bubba. Corr madness trying that ghost chilli stuff. Did you buy any? Ahh i am so jealous about you going to the aquarium you know i love that stuff :) was there any jellies? If so did you get piccies?? Hmm that hotel was rank, feel sorry for you, oh well youve moved on to somewhere new.. enjoy baby. Love you xxxx