Two Idiots Abroad
Two idiots (Simon Jakowicz and Glenn Goodhall) spending 90 days traveling around the United States, departing on the 12th September 2013. Follow our adventures as we journey from the concrete jungle - New York to the city of angels - Los Angeles.

Atlanic City, where the grass is green and....

By: Simon Jakowicz on 19th Sep 2013

The first week is completed and it's been a success. After leaving New York, we planned to spend 2 nights in Atlantic City, after having such good fun the first night, we decided to extend our stay to 3 nights. I had been told it's a mini Vegas, not that I've been to Vegas - yet, but I reckon that summarises it pretty well. We stayed at the Tropicana resort and casino. What a luxury, whilst there we checked out most of the other casinos including the Taj Mahal, Trump, Caesars, Resort Casino and I'd say we definately got the cream of the crop. It had by far the most to do inside, ranging from live music, comedy shows, pubs, sports bars, nightclubs, restraunts, shops, pretty much everything. The room was pretty glorious with nice sights of the beach and sea.

Previously not having entered a Casino before I was pretty eager to splash some cash and that is exactly what I did, doing what I imagine most people do - Losing more than I won. Me and Glenn both started on blackjack and lost $20 each in about a minute, then we went to spin the wheel where I managed to re-coup my $20, then wasting another $10 on my drunken walk through the Casino after being at a sports bar all night. Day 2 I done better, I put $10 into blackjack and walked away with $55 within 5 minutes and then I decided to take part in a poker game. I had already won enough to cover the $50 buy in fee. It started good, hand 2 I snapped up an additional $35. I should have walked away, but decided to play on, it took about an hour and a half before I lost the lot, I wasn't that bothered though, I enjoyed myself and that's all that matters, winning is just a bonus. Day 3 and this morning I put $20 into blackjack and won a few hands before losing - bollocks, Glenn done alright though last night, winning an reasonable amount (Which I'm sure he will blog about) on spin the wheel. Overall we both had a negative cash flow.

Over the 3 days we spent quite a lot of time walking around what is called the boardwalk, it's pretty much the water front. The weather was lush, the sun had his hat on and he was coming out to play, along the boardwalk there were tonnes shops, arcades, casinos, psychics and restaurants, we spent our quarters in the arcade, won some 200 tickets and got some sweets with them. We also went into a wicked cool sweet shop, they had some jokey souvenirs and some huge boxes of nerds and hot tamale, I've never seen anything like it. We then went to the beach and engraved our twitter hashtag #twoidiotsabroad into the sand. On our way into Atlantic city we saw a bunch of factory outlet stores for tonnes of big brands, I got myself two shirts in Guess for $70 and t-shirt in American Eagle for $10. I would love to of got more, but don't really want any more weight on my back. I'm struggling as it is. I was pretty tempted to get a palm reading, only $5 but didn't want to get any bad news so I decided against it, decided to the Izzabella machine instead, which I think told me some lottery numbers, I'll let you know if they work. Lastly we found quite a cool weapon store, No real guns only toys sadly,but they had an impressive knife and wolverine collection, pepper spray, swords etc etc. Glenn wasn't nearly as interested as me, maybe I'm just some crazy psycho killer at heart.

The food was a lot more reasonably priced than in NYC, we typically ate out twice a day, dining in our favourite sports bar which served huge 40 fluid oz bottles of bud for a menial $6, epic win. We also ate out at some pizza place on boardwalk, which also served fried oreos, an Irish pub, a buffet in one of the other casinos and hooters. I don't want to upset the gf lol, but the hooters girls were all stunning, Glenn applied for a job but they said his legs were to hairy and he didn't have big enough boobs. Last night we met up with a friend of Glenn's - Dan and Dan's girlfriend. They were wicked people, if your reading this, thanks for all your tips and for buying us food last night. We hope to see you in NYC in December.

We found a laundrette, I had not actually used a washing machine or a dryer before, not sure if that's a bad thing. But we managed to get our clothes smelling minty clean again in no time.
We hit the road again this morning for Philadelphia, but that's for the next blog post.



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Simon - 20th Sep 2013 20:09:27
@Chris Such a cool city mate, you would have got berserk for the hooters - trust, this a PG site, so no pictures. I'm sure a Google search will do suffice though. Those boxes of nerds are bigger than the average suitcase lol. x @Jem Spamming our site damn you :P You're not impressed, you should be, I reckon even you would fancy them. x @Mum Really brilliant, the last 2 days we haven't done so much so the next blog should be short. x Have a good weekend x

Mel - 20th Sep 2013 07:08:35
Hi Simon, Sounds like you are having a brilliant time. You made me laugh admitting you have never used a washing machine or dryer. Never found the need to before, have you. Love you and missing you xxxx

Jem - 20th Sep 2013 06:55:25
Glad your having a good time baby.. the place looks nice... hmm hooter, not impressed about that comment :( missing you and love you loads xxxx

Jem - 20th Sep 2013 06:55:12
Looks like your having a good time baby. Not too impressed about the hooters comment :( pics look good though and as i said id like a big pack of those nerds :) miss you and love you loads xxxxxxxx

Chris - 20th Sep 2013 02:14:51
Broski, Atlantic City looks amazing and those nerd boxes, oh my fuck! Question though, where is my pic of the hooters girls? Hahaha Really hope you're enjoying yourself man Love you xx